Spring Replacements

Garage door springs must not be repaired or adjusted by anyone who do not have proper training to work on this type of task. Garage door spring replacements are very dangerous because upon installation of new springs, they are placed under extremely high tension. If there’s no proper training, that person can cause damage to property and even serious physical injury. You must take note that continuing to use your garage door despite a broken spring would be extremely dangerous because it could cause more damage to the door and its electric opener systems.

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Garage Door Spring Replacement

Spring replacements are usual in terms of garage door repairs. These springs have varying sizes and they serve as a balance because they lift most of the weight of the actual garage door. The springs also assist the door to open and close whether via an electric opener or via manual operation.

Garage door springs come with a limited lifespan that gets measured in cycles. One cycle is counted via the garage door going up and down. There are different lifespan options but the most typical among are those that have a life expectancy of 10,000 cycles. This basically means that the frequency of spring replacements depends on the garage door usage. As soon as the garage door spring reaches its life-cycle, it could possibly break and even release all tension. That could lead to not having any assistance in terms of balancing the door. When the door is on its down position, the spring gets the most tension and this could result to the breaking of the garage door spring. You must also realize that springs could also fail even when the garage door is raised and that could affect the door to dangerously crash down. That’s why it is highly essential that any person must never walk under a moving garage door. You should take note that the torsion and extension spring replacement must be prioritized to avoid any potential accidents or additional damage.

Santa Clarita Garage Door Spring Repair

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