Cable Replacements

Do you have broken garage door cables? If you do, don’t waste your time and get a garage door cable replacement as soon as possible. These cables are very essential because they ensure the efficient and smooth operation of the garage door. Take note that the security of your home is at risk if your garage door is not fixed. The cables hold the garage door’s weight while it moves up and down. Once a cable breaks, the door automatically becomes inoperable and it requires instant repair or replacement in order to properly work again. Garage door cables are dangerous especially if a person has no training whatsoever in terms of repairing or replacing it. These cables are usually under huge tension that’s why it needs to be handled with care and only trained experts with the right tools can deliver this kind of work. For your safety and security, never try a do-it-yourself fix on your garage door. Let the experts handle this immediately. This is where we come in. AER Garage Door Repair Santa Clarita should be your one and only option.

Santa Clarita Cable Repair &Replacement

There are various types of garage door cables, depending on its corresponding spring system type. For torsion springs, the counterpart are torsion spring cables. Some garages use extension springs that run through both side of your garage door. These types of springs need specific extension spring cables. Another type of cables are safety cables that have extension springs that run through the middle of the springs for preventing any injury or damage if the spring snaps.

Garage door cables are extremely essential. Even though they’re made of metal and are expected to be strong, these cables are also flexible due to the repeated act of being pulled and lowered via a pulley system. Their strength does not mean that they are unbreakable, because they are. A faulty or broken cable can provide a lot of damage to your garage door. Worse is if your springs snap and the cables are not in place, the damaged spring could fly and cause huge damage all over. It could even kill someone. Hopefully, you get the urgency and importance of paying attention to your garage door cables.

Garage Door Overhead Replacement

There are a few things that can go wrong when it comes to garage door cables. One reason is when some cables get wound incorrectly and the door basically gets jammed. It would get drooping on one side. There are also times when cables would be fully unwound from its drum and would need reconnection. At times, pulleys might get worn out as well. If this occurs, the cable would not slip through smoothly.

Garage door cables break on occasion. A very reasonable explanation is the age of the cables. Cables go through a lot just like the other working parts of a garage door system. Over the course of time, these cables can weaken and snap eventually. Garage door cables also gets damaged due to rust. Rust should be carefully looked into over the course of time. One more reason that cause garage door cables to snap is fraying. Imagine a rope, it’s made of small pieces twisted together for a stronger cable. When one of these little cables get broken, it could fray the other cables around and make everything snap.

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