Emergency Off Track Service

It is enormously dangerous when a garage door comes off its tracks. The risk of serious physical injuries is extremely possible. There are several reasons caused by this problem. One of the most typical cause is hitting the garage door with a car. This is a usual thing because this has happened a lot of times in so many homes, people trying to rush out and suddenly crashing the garage door while it’s not yet completely open. Some people even sometimes just backed right into the door and forgot to open it with their remote. When a garage door gets hit by a vehicle, the damage is not solely focused on the lower sections but all throughout the whole system of the garage door. Usually, when this happens, the rollers come off the tracks which leave the garage door hanging dangerously from the lift cables..

When this happens to you, your initial move should be turning your car off and getting out of the entire garage. The next smart move that you should do is call a local garage door repair specialist to put everything back together and in order.

This is where we come in. We at AER Garage Door Repair Santa Clarita specialize in handling garage door emergency services and emergency off track service