AER Garage Door Repair Frequently Asked Questions

1Can I fix my garage door spring myself?
Clearly, the answer is capital NO, unless you are trained to do so. Only trained technicians can adjust or repair garage door springs because they are very dangerous to install. This spring operates under extremely high tension. Damages to people and property can occur if an untrained person tries to install or replace a garage door spring.
2How long do I have to use my garage door if the spring is broken?
Your garage door springs should be fixed immediately after you notice that they are faulty. Your garage door spring comes with a short lifecycle because of the function they perform. They function as a balance because they bear most of the weight of the garage door and assist in the opening and closing actions of the garage door. This implies that the garage door spring will break and loose its tension as soon as it reaches a certain threshold. It is also imperative to know that your garage door and electric opener system is in extreme danger if you continue to use it knowing fully well that the springs are broken or damaged. Stay assured in this regard because events like this can be fully handled by the best Santa Clarita garage door repair.
3Why is my garage door opening with difficulty?
Machines and equipment are manufactured in such a way that they function well to a point until certain components need to be replaced. In the case of difficulty in garage door opening, it could be as a result of the garage door opener. The garage door opener works as a critical part of the garage door. Although, the garage door opener is the component that lifts the door, it works as a control mechanism that directs the opening and closing action of the garage door. It is a motorized mechanism that connects to a switch on the wall of the garage or activates by remote control.
4Can I repair my garage door opener when it is faulty?
It is essential to know that the garage door opener comes in three types: namely the belt screw, the screw drive, and the chain drive. These pulley types are named after the motor that is responsible for the movement of the trolley on its track. The garage door opener is too sophisticated to be handled by untrained personnel because of its different components. Only professionals should work on the garage door opener repair or replacement because a wrong move or connection might prove to be fatal. Work like this should be entrusted into the hands of trained professional who can guarantee quality service and affordable garage door repair in Santa Clarita
5My garage door has stopped responding to human movement, what do I do?
Scenarios like this are not hard to explain as they are bound to occur when the garage door sensor is faulty. As part of a safety feature, all garage doors are to possess a sensor that act as an eye of the garage door. These sensors come in pairs and serve as lookout towards obstructing the movement of the garage door. The sensor works by having a beam passing through one sensor to the other and this beam functions as a signal that if broken, stops the garage door from completely closing. It is pertinent to always observe these sensors to ensure they are free from accumulation of dust and dirt. Maintenance is exceptionally easy; all you need to do is to wipe the sensors with a soft cloth designed for cleaning. The function might also get disrupted as a result of the non-alignment of the beams which could be easily reset. For technical problems regarding the garage door sensors, it is better to call on Santa Clarita cable replacement technician.
6What do I door when my garage door roller comes off its track?
There are a million reasons why your garage door might come off its tracks. It could be as a result of the roller breaking prematurely due to extreme wear or when you accidentally run into the garage door. Cases like this should be treated as an emergency because you don’t want your garage open for so long due of security concerns. It is crucial that you contact the best garage door repair Santa Clarita to provide you with specialists that can handle such an emergency.